Our new book! The Best of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: Favorite Recipes from BreadIn5

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Hey friends:

Our new book, “The Best of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: Favorite Recipes from BreadIn5,” is now available for pre-order (shipping October 12, 2021). We were excited and grateful to be asked to do a “greatest-hits” compilation. Through the lockdowns and trials of the past 18 months, we kept talking with you all here on the website, hearing what you were looking for and sharpening our sense of which recipes really mattered. The new book reflects those conversations, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants a curated collection of the all-time favorite recipes from our seven previous books on super-fast stored dough—for yourself or for the ABin5 newbies on your holiday shopping list. You’ll find:

  • The best of the European and American artisan traditions

  • Whole grain loaves

  • Pizza and flatbread

  • Brioche, challah, and other sweet or enriched breads

  • Gluten-free recipes (a few)

  • Natural sourdough bread

But enough from us—the multitalented Andrew Zimmern graciously agreed to write the foreword to our book so we’ll let him speak for us:

From the Foreword by Andrew Zimmern:

“… What Zoë and Jeff have done with the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes se­ries is prove that the world’s easiest yeasted loaf, the most versatile bread dough recipe (even pizza!), can be taken in so many directions and have so many ap­plications that it has created a series of hits, launched a gazillion home bakers on their own bread journey, and spawned, finally, a Best of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day… This series redefined bread baking for America, long before the Covid-19 sourdough craze. This se­ries of books launched on a simple premise: bread baking can be easy, simple, and anyone can do it. Then it took off—and took on healthy breads, hydration ratios, flatbreads, gluten-free breads, holiday breads, pizza, and more. That’s what happens in our culture: Success breeds more success and, in this case, more books…”

—Andrew Zimmern

Thanks Andrew!